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What is the general Training Subjects for Proficiency in the Kadochnikov System?
- General Training Subjects for Proficiency in the Kadochnikov System:

1. Scientific concept and theory within the study of hand-to-hand combat fighting according to th System of A. A. Kadochnikov.

2. Brief information about the supporting-motor apparatus of th man.

3. Biomechanical principles of th restoration of balance and removal from it.

4.listnics and biomechanically efficient exercises within the Kadochnikov System.

5.Biomchanically sound stances and movement, and displacement of equilibrium.

6. Releases from the seizure for th wrist and arm, legs, neck, body, hair, clothing, choke and strangle hold, pain compliance holds (joint locks, etc).

7. Attacking pressure points and vital points on the human body.

8. Protection from the impacts by strikes, kicks, sticks/staffs.

9. Protection from the attacks by knives.

10. Protection from attacks by various forms of firearms (long, short, semiautomatic and automatic, etc).

11. Self-defense with the aid of improvised weapons.

12. Self-defense in small spaces and areas.

13. Lawful aspects of the application of self-defense.

14. Psychological readiness for the application of methods of the self-defense

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What is the general Training Subjects for Proficiency in the Kadochnikov System? >>
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