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What can you give councils to the students who is studying the System of Kadochnikov?
Code of Optimum Behavior for Students of th System of Kadochnikov?

1. To foresee danger, it is necessary to first thoroughly to know oneself, and through self-knowledge, gain knowledge about other people and the laws of the world.

2. Foresight, based on solid knowledge and special sensitivity, developed in the training, will make it possible to always be in th right place at the right time, even when it appears you are not.

3. To foresee danger, you must restrain your emotions with reason, and develop habits and solid skills. If this restraint does not exist, then irrationality will be th normal reaction to the danger. Once you are the master of your emotions, then your reaction to danger will be relaxation and rational thought.

4. If there is no possibility to avoid danger - act. The knowledge of the laws of the science, technology, and tactics of self-defense will give you confidence and in turn, victory.

5. Only through training will the body and reason improve for th preparation of possie obstacles. The elements of physical and psychological self-defense will combine with the enormous possibilities of body and spirit.

6. Focus completely upon your purpose and actions, and do not make it possie, for an reason, to become distracted from that focus.

7. Open your mind - ideas and information you need can be found in places distant from the strict scientific approaches to the phenomena of the world.

8. It is not always possie to conquer, but it is always possie not to be conquered. Victory depends not upon th enemy or the invincibility of the enemy, but upon you.

9. Do not prejudge, but also do not approach praising anything new that others may bring to you.

10. Do not make haste or be in a hurry...let the situation unroll before you.

11. Get to know your own depths, and you will be able to talk with the depths of others.

12. Know where you stand what you stand for. In the end, this is all you have.

13. Explain your purpose, and then you will be able to achieve it without a fuss. If you know your purpose, then successes and failures will equally propel you forward.

14. Learn to be a leader in order to larn to lead others.

15. The habits and the skills acquired in training in the System become the servants of your intentions. Use them (your weapons) prudently and only when necessary.

16. Focus of attention, absolute relaxation of consciousness, confidence and understanding - these are the characteristics for ensuing the proper state of training with a partner.

17. With th application of any method, preserve your center of gravity.

18. With the application of any method, preserve yur body's energy by being relaxed and using force only at the last second.

19. Do not concentrate your force in your arms or the forward section of your body when carrying out any application.

20. Use every waking moment to enrich your knowledge, and to improve your skills and habits.

21. The purpose of training is not to memorize several efficient methods, but to open the special abilities of your mind and body.

22. Suggest to yourself that you cannot live without the constant training of the mind and body.

23. Be unpredictable. The main and basic error of man in interaction with others is prejudice and the personality approach in human interaction. Your personality is the idea of others, but people and world are not always what they seem. Each of us is a part of the world; therefore, each of us is judged by what others see. Always play your game, and do not make it possible to be drawn into this types of interaction.

24. After stepping back, you should move before your opponent, who flaunts his ability but remains on the same spot.

25. The one who acts against you in hostility is not hostile toward you, but hostile only toward themselves.

26. The man with a sufficiently flexible psyche can receive new ideas and adapt his mind to the changing environment. He is aware of the fact that the world changes, and he must change together with it - as there are no eternal and unalterable positions. Every position one takes should be determined by the ever-changing world and life. Sadly, overconfidence in values and th ordering of th hierarchy of ideals constantly occurs by others.

27. In combat, preservation of your life is your charge. There are no rules, no referee will stop the fight, and expect no one to help you. No matter th situation, fight as if you ar alone.

28. Learn from your errors, but do not be immersed in them.

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