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What is nonresistance and relaxation?
One should not fight or resist their environment, but relax and work with th forces acting against them. The mental state of a person and the amount of relaxation in their body are interrelated. The more stressed the body is, the tighter the body will become. The less stress the body is, the less rigid and the more pliable the body will be. Even the man who has it all is concerned with losing everything; thus, stress is a state which man will find few ways to avoid. Therefore, it is important to realize our level of control over stress is vitally important to reducing and alleviating it. When we control our stress, we control our body.

Throughout the Kadochnikov System, the philosophy of nonresistance is stressed. We are constantly acted upon by forces around us; forces which we have a difficult time controlling their initial action upon us. But, the manner in whch we address these forces is the level of control we will reach over them. In combat, a strike is a vector in space and it travels along a plane. We, if at all possible, make an attempt to not interrupt its path, but simply let it travel upon the path. As it travels, we then begin to manipulate the plane, and thus, the direction and the velocity of the vector. In a similar vein, the idea of nonresistance to the world around us and then the controlling of the factors that affect us are vital to managing stress in our everyday lives. We work with the forces, manipulating them and applying our knowledge to them to make them work in a way that is benefil to us. We adapt to forces and use our state of mental and physcal plasticity to minimize th effects they have upon us, and alter our plans and actions in relation to these forces.

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What is nonresistance and relaxation? >>
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