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What is survival in the Kadochnikov System?
Survival is self-preservation nd as such, is an individual task. Though someone may work toward the overall survival of a group, they must first be able to survive as an individual in order to accomplish such a task. Survival, in the end, is equal to knowledge n the ability to correctly apply that knowledge. In the Kadochnikov System, one does not resist the environment, but works with it, using their knowledge of the environment to create forces favorable to survival in association with that environment.

The Kadochnikov System is a universal scientific combat fighting and survival system based upon an applied scientific understanding, concepts, and principles, as well as historical traditions of Russian culture and combative traditions. The System itself is a specific method of applying science to accomplish task or work. Thus, it has styles of applying the System.

practitioner learns a style of hand-to-hand combat fighting, or a style combat shooting, or a style of combat medicine and health enhancement.

Scientifically th Kadochnikov System is a feat of human ingenuity martial art. The creation of a method of combat fighting and survival that is universally based gives practitioners th ability to use th methods of the Kadochnikov System to solve problems faced in extreme situations. Survival is considered to be th long-term preservation of health of a human being. The System of A. A. Kadochnikov is truly a complete system, not created for merely fighting, but overall survival.

The Kadchnikv System generally views education as holding three elements: >>
Basic theoretical tenets of the Kadochnikov System. >>
Movement knowledge: >>
Application: >>
What is survival in the Kadochnikov System? >>
What is nonresistance and relaxation? >>
General Notes on Lessons the System of Kadochnikov. >>
What can you give councils to the students who is studying the System of Kadochnikov? >>
What is the general Training Subjects for Proficiency in the Kadochnikov System? >>
Who is A.A.Kadochnikov ? >>
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