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Now the body is in a state of biomechanical efficiency, programmed to operate at a level of peak performance, while exerting th least amount of bioenergy, generally only 25% of maximum usage. The movements that the student has learned, the massive, efficient recruitment of movement, structure, and breathing are then geared toward using the body as a weapon. Here the education in the basic sciences that govern the human being is applied through the now

efficient movement. It is merely a matter of directed study in which the body and mind come together through training in the Kadochnikov System.

The former listed tenets give an idea of the sciences of the Kadochnikov System. Combined with movement that is efficient, and with particular training methods and psychological preparation, the movement and theory are assimilated. As an idea of how this is done, below are examples of the tenets applied with movement.

Human anatomy - understanding of basic medicine and the human anatomy, how to deal with injury to both others and self (pressure points to stop bleeding,

Physiology - interruption of internal bodily support systems in combat (sensory targeting, biopoint targeting, etc); Biomechanics and Human Movement - removal of an opponent's equilibrium in combat; destruction of body's lever system through various means; biomechanically sound compensation due to bodily injury, creation of assimilated biomechanically efficient movement;

Physics - usage of physics concepts such as plane, wedge, helices, in hand-to-hand combat fighting to avoid strikes/ vectors, disarm pistols, throwing knives, use belts as whips, etc;

Mechanics - recognition of all weapons as natural machines and thus creation of improvised weaponry out of any object; using mechanical concepts in order to destroy body's natural system of levers (types of loading, etc);

Psychology - use of special psychological methods for mental enhancement; use of specialized training to alleviate affects of autonomic activation and nervous imbalance; understanding of psychological principles of aggressive behavior; special training techniques for internalization and assimilation of the Kadochnikov System; and,

Geography a Basic Survival - recognition of weather types to determine types of shelter; natural signaling for rescue personnel; creation of fire using simply friction; natural remedies for ailments and pain relief, survival medicine system.

The Kadochnikv System is able to create a learning environment in which the efficient movement of a practitioner, with special learning methods and exercises, combines with theoretical knowledge to give a practitioner a wider array of options while not becoming confused or uncoordinated.

For example, in the realm of hand-to-hand combat, basic physics principles are learned that a practitioner simply applies with his own movement. At first one consciously makes decisions in combat through increased sensory perception, but soon moves (through certain training methods) to a psycho physiological state in which the body and mind simply move in synchronization, allowing the practitioner t solve problems, fight, and survive, with minimal bioenergetic and physical exertion.

The practitioner, instead of learning techniques, learns physics concepts, and then their physical manifestation through the practitioner's natural movement. At this point, through a simple learning process, the practitioner is able to choose the right movement to apply the concept he wants to apply, in order to defeat an opponent. This allows for a practitioner to simply create is own momentary "techniques."

It is the application of universal scientific theory with biomechaniclly refined movement through specially designed methods that allows the Kadchnikov System to be a complete system of hand-to-hand combat and survival. The Kadochnikov System is an evolution of technology in human physical study, warfare, and survival on the most important level...the individual human.

The Kadchnikv System generally views education as holding three elements: >>
Basic theoretical tenets of the Kadochnikov System. >>
Movement knowledge: >>
Application: >>
What is survival in the Kadochnikov System? >>
What is nonresistance and relaxation? >>
General Notes on Lessons the System of Kadochnikov. >>
What can you give councils to the students who is studying the System of Kadochnikov? >>
What is the general Training Subjects for Proficiency in the Kadochnikov System? >>
Who is A.A.Kadochnikov ? >>
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