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Basic theoretical tenets of the Kadochnikov System.

Human anatomy - understanding of the human body as a whole.

Physiology - understanding of the human body's systems and how th work.

Biomechanics and Human Movement - understanding how the body works as an efficient mechanical machine and teaching the body to move naturally.

Physics - understanding the principles of force and physics.

Mechanics - understanding of mechanics principles and concepts, and mechanical efficiency.

Psychology - understanding how the mind reacts in extreme conditions,

Geography and Basic Survival - understanding of how geography affects a human in a psycho-physiological way and how to survive extreme situations.

A student's theoretical education is both general and specific. Through general, the student gets an overall education in the subject. In specific, the student's study is directed toward areas that will be more pertinent to training and survival. Below is a very basic introduction to an example of general and specific studying in the areas of human anatomy and physiology.

Human Anatomy/Physiology

General - general anatomy and how the body works as an integrated system in regards to coordination of the musularskeletal system, the respiratory and circulatory system, the nervous system, etc.

Specific - Use of body's systems to maintain and recover health; specialized breathing methods for numerous purposes; nerve/pressure point/bo point striking and manipulation; sensory targeting; enhanced sensory perception; etc.

The Kadchnikv System generally views education as holding three elements: >>
Basic theoretical tenets of the Kadochnikov System. >>
Movement knowledge: >>
Application: >>
What is survival in the Kadochnikov System? >>
What is nonresistance and relaxation? >>
General Notes on Lessons the System of Kadochnikov. >>
What can you give councils to the students who is studying the System of Kadochnikov? >>
What is the general Training Subjects for Proficiency in the Kadochnikov System? >>
Who is A.A.Kadochnikov ? >>
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