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The wave of good luck does not take away energy 
If you will enjoy good news, you will be on frequency of good luck 
It is not allowed to divide the world on to friends and enemies. Than more you think of enemies, the more them will be in your environment. 
There is no truth without lie, there is no light without darkness, there is no life without death. 
Do not harm to anothers, and you will not do much harm to yourselves! 
When you are fighting - you should fight, but when you are drinking tea, you should drink tea and do not think about anything other. 
Everything that occurs in our life, at first occurs in our head.  
Any event is simply event, and to betray to it the positive or negative meaning is only your choice. 
There are no problems - there are tasks. There are no insults - there is an information. There are no victories and defeats - there is a feedback. 

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A.A.Kadochnikov's reference to the Federation of Russian Martial Art of Ukraine, devoted to the 10-anniversary of federation.


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