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Happiness - it is hard thing. It is very difficult for finding inside yourself and it is impossible somewhere in other place. 
In my life, I have found there are two things about which I should never worry. First, I shouldn't worry about the things I can't change. If I can't change them, worry is certainly most foolish and useless. Second, I shouldn't worry about the things I can change. If I can change them, then taking action will accomplish far more then wasting my energies in worry. 
The tree with strong roots will sustain any storm, but these roots grow not in a storm, but in a silent weather. 
The passing over hatred has is an internal disarmament. 
Only struggle, process of the resolution of conflict with an enemy - by means of training, study, search of alternative ways, provides spiritual growth. 
Our future depends on the present and is in our hands. It is created by the initiative, which we show in the present. 
The happiness in life is a truthfulness, sincerity and honesty in the attitudes between the people.  
The temperance in meal and drinking provides a clear head and speed of understanding. 
To be considered with Life and to prove to her, that she is unfair - strategy of the losers. 
If you do anything, so it is necessary to you. 

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A.A.Kadochnikov's reference to the Federation of Russian Martial Art of Ukraine, devoted to the 10-anniversary of federation.


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