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Touring and training 

09.02.2007   Touring and Training in Ukraine for our instructors, students and guests from around the world.
  You may be with or without experience of Russian Martial Art ( Kadochnikov System and Systema) or any martial arts to take a part in our course.

The event is to be based in our main training place in the city of Kiev and Yalta (Crimea). You should expect intensive training, of about four to five hours a day , and more, in our regular gym environment together with other topics as: water and night training, urban self-defense, outdoor training and more. The course will cover many subjects from the system, including: defending armed assaults; fighting skills; training and experiencing Russian Martial Art in different locations, environments and places; and more.

We also include special tours (including touring in the mountains), combat shooting, training with expert levels from Spetsnaz and Special Police, and more.

Training will be adequate to the levels of the participants.

The dates for the next events can be found in our site in News.

Also you can order the separate special course only for you.

NOTE: With notice one can come earlier or stay more days, with or with out training in Russian Martial Art. .

Questions regarding the event, registration, and other details should be directed to:


More Details


T&T;(touring/training) will take into consideration the level of the individuals who participate. Training will be for 2-6 hours a day. T&T; will be from 1 to 60 days

Touring and Training in Kiev and other cities and locations of Ukraine.

Touring and trainings in Yalta, Àlushta, Sevastopol and other cities and other locations in Crimea.

Touring and trainings in mountains of Crimea and Carpathians of Ukraine, and also in Ivano-Frankivs'k, L'viv, Uzhorod and other cities of Western Ukraine.

In winter - mountain skiing, snowboarding, sledding, touring and training in mountains of Crimea and Carpathians of Ukraine.

. All transportation is in private bus/ minibus (depending on group size)

The price includes:

 Training

 Touring

 Hotel of good level.

 Food - One meal a day at the hotel(breakfast), or three meals (home Ukrainian food)

 Entrance to the places of touring in Ukraine,

 Private transportation with our group of participants.

 There is an option to upgrade your hotel to a higher standard. Single room is optional too.

The price does not include:

 Flight to Ukraine and back.

Getting to Kiev:

 Kiev is about 25 Km (15miles) from Borispol Airport.

 There are busses and Taxis from the airport to the city.

 However, we send transportation for one or group of people


Review of a similar Touring & Training Event



A recent "Touring & Training in the Ukraine seminar was a great success. Fifteen participants (usually its 10-25 people) spent six days training in Crimea, Yalta. Instruction ranged from basic techniques to advanced topics (including third party protection, fire arms, multiple attackers, military and police subjects and techniques, and more). The training took place in several different and diverse locations, including the Crimea Olympic center, national training center for physical education, near the Black Sea, and along the coast at the Yalta beach (including training on the sand, stones and in the water or in a heated pool in the winter). After training about 6 hours a day, all participants left Crimea with more Russian Martial Art knowledge and better technique -- and some even left with a sun tan! Note: Most events take place in June October (expected temp. 25-30 C) in May (20-25 C) and in December - January, when the temperature is typically around 10 -15 C ).

The reason for the varied training locations is because the philosophy of Russian Martial Art is to train in different locales, not just the training hall. Training in different locations, environments, and situations is necessary in order to better prepare yourself since you don't know under what circumstances you might have to call upon your Russian Martial Art training. Likewise, we train techniques while at different levels of preparedness (fully prepared, partially prepared, and totally surprised). This type of training allows you to safely experience adverse circumstances that you might encounter in real life. You improve your performance ability under stressful situations by bettering your decision-making processes, techniques and fighting abilities. You will then be better prepared to solve different problems and conflicts you might encounter, regardless of the situation.

The Participants

The participants were from 5 countries (England, France, Italy , USA and Poland) with varied levels of RMA training. Some are RMA instructors or assistants, some RMA students, and some had no prior knowledge in RMA. Instruction was suited to each participant's level.

Usually one can find also trainees from many other EU countries as well as from the USA, the Far-East, Ex-communist countries, South-Africa and more.

Vacation too!

In addition to serious training, we saw this event as a vacation, too! There was plenty of free time in order to relax, take in the sunny weather, and experience a different culture. The feedback from the participants was highly positive. All very much enjoyed the events, the touring and the training - not to mention the sun & beach! The participants had chances to interact with the local culture, and every day life, and to see and experience some special events in Ukraine that took place in the time of their stay, such as Memorial Day and Independence Day.

Upcoming seminar

The dates for the next events can be found in our News

Lodging options: will include 2-3 different of hotel levels, and we plan more activities to enhance interactions between participants from different countries.


Registration Form and Your Details: (Copy, fill in and send by Email/Fax)



Age (and what do you think about your physical fitness)




Background (in general and Martial Art)

If you have been training Russian Martial Art (for how long, where, who is your instructor) ?

Rest of funds will be paid in Ukraine.

The applications for a seminar and accommodation to send to:


09.02.2007 Touring and Training in Ukraine for our instructors, students and guests from around the world. >>

A.A.Kadochnikov's reference to the Federation of Russian Martial Art of Ukraine, devoted to the 10-anniversary of federation.

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